Emily has waited over two years to give herself to Sergei. She couldn't have asked for a more patient man. Now they've finally reached their wedding night, and after all Sergei's patience and understanding, Emily wants to be everything for him. How will their first night together compare to their dreams?

This is a 3500-word short story that contains mature content not suitable for younger readers. It's available as a free ebook on the following sites:

Reviews from readers

Jessie on Goodreads: "Oh how good it is to see my lovely Sergei once again. One of the aspects that I love about this series is the deep connection between Emily and Sergei. They truly have that one of a kind love, and when their together sparks fly! In this short novella you really see just how perfect they are for each other."

Tracy on Amazon: "Beautifully done by the author."

Mandy from I Read Indie: "REACHING THE EDGE is only a few pages long but lordy help me it was so good. And it is quite possible I am even more in love with Sergei now. He is so unbelievably gentle and amazingly sweet with Emily. I am almost positive I heard her swoon while reading the book. I know I did my share of swooning."

Jenna from Making the Grade Reviews: "A nice treat for fans of the series... The night that Em and Sergei (and you!) have been waiting for!! ;) (It's smokin' HOT!)"

Paul on Smashwords: "A well written piece of contemporary fiction. A strong romantic vibe drives along the simple scenario. It's sensual without being vulgar, which is no bad thing."


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