Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monday Moves

Welcome to another edition of Monday Moves! This week I'm loving the side-by-side triple Lutzes done by Canadian pair Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford. As readers of the Edge series know, side-by-side triple Lutzes are one of Emily and Chris's signature elements. I always dreamed of a pair doing this element, and Duhamel/Radford are the first team I've seen to include it in their programs on a consistent basis (I've seen only one or two other teams over the years try it). Duhamel/Radford also do the throw triple Lutz, another Emily and Chris element. I love this teams's technical ability! Meagan is a former singles skater just like Emily :)


  1. I love this program of theirs :) and you're right, I hadn't noticed but not a lot of people do those side by side anymore.

    1. It's so rare to see a pair do the Lutzes. I only remember Inoue/Baldwin trying them over ten years ago and maybe one other pair since then. It really requires two strong singles skaters!