Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday Moves

Welcome to another Monday Moves! First, I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought a copy of Fighting for the Edge last week and made it an amazing release week!! The first two books in the series are still on sale for $0.99, so if you want to check out the series from the beginning, now is the time to grab your copies! :)

Now on to today's featured skating move - this one comes courtesy of Jeremy Abbott, a true dancer on the ice. There aren't many skaters who feel the music like Jeremy does. He feels every nuance and expresses it so beautifully. If he wasn't a skater, he'd make a helluva contemporary dancer! The move of his I'm highlighting is from his "Hometown Glory" exhibition, a program that makes me swoon every time I watch it. I love every step of the program, and his entrance into the triple Lutz is one of my favorite parts. It's done so elegantly to the music!

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