Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Nationals - Wednesday Practices

Even though I've been to Boston a bunch of times, I took a few hours to sight-see around the city this morning on one of the trolley tours. It took us to a few places I hadn't seen before, and I love seeing the city in winter with the snow everywhere (I've only been here once before during winter). After the tour, I headed over to TD Garden for the men's and dance practices. Since I have to wake up super early tomorrow for more dance practice, I won't be writing a lengthy recap tonight, but I was very pleased to see Josh Farris a lot closer on the quad toe than I've seen in the past. Adam Rippon did a gorgeous FS run-through with a couple of hiccups on the triple Axels mixed in, and Jeremy Abbot did a perfect run-through of his SP complete with amazing footwork.

Here are the photos from the men's and dance practices!


  1. Jennifer, I kept seeing on Twitter that Madison Chock had a bad fall. Did you see it? Hope she's okay.

    1. Yes, it was very scary. She slid hard into the boards and we thought she hit her head because she wasn't getting up at first. She must be very bruised and I think she cut her hand or wrist a little. But she did a beautiful run-through after that - tough as nails!