Monday, April 6, 2015

Stars on Ice 2015

This past weekend I traveled to Los Angeles to visit a friend and to attend the Stars on Ice show in Anaheim, and the show was simply spectacular!! Jeff Buttle deserves huge props for the choreography of the group numbers, and the individual performances also lived up to the tour's rich history.

Before the show I got to see part of the rehearsal, and it was fun to watch Charlie directing the troops like he used to do at the closing galas. Here are my photos and lots of videos from the rehearsal: PRE-SHOW

Now on to the show review! Here were my impressions about each program:

Opening - "Rhapsody in Blue": Absolutely beautiful way to open the show - intricate footwork and full use of the ice by the entire cast

Sinead and John Kerr - "Zombie": Great cover of the Cranberries song, and the Kerrs really had the dramatic angst on high volume as they skated to it.

Joannie Rochette - "Shot Me Down": Joannie brought the sex and looked as fit and fabulous as ever. Peter Carruthers was sitting behind me, and judging by his catcalls, he enjoyed the program very much.

Ryan Bradly - "I Lived": I live for Ryan's crazy leg kick/faux jump move that he does, and he did it in this program. I'd like to see him broaden his range of footwork as he seems to do the same in most of his programs.

Kimmie Meissner - "Chandelier": I've been dying for someone to skate to this song, and Kimmie didn't disappoint. She threw herself completely into the program emotionally. I was most impressed with her speed and commitment to the choreography. Loved her dress, too!

Evan Lysacek - "Take Me to Church": Evan's jumps looked strong, and I love how he still does the back spiral into the triple flip. It's like old times!

Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto - "Boogie Shoes": Seeing Tanith and Ben on the ice always makes me so happy. It doesn't matter what they're skating to - they just exude pure joy!

Katia Gordeeva - "I Dreamed a Dream": I hadn't seen Katia skate live in fifteen years, and her skating is as gorgeous as ever. The purity of her blades to the ice is just amazing.

Patrick Chan - "Dear Prudence/Blackbird": My eyes could not be torn away from Patrick's feet. Every time I see him skate live I'm reminded how freaking fabulous he is. I want to marry his edges!

Group Number Tango - "St. Louis Blues": Tanith stole my attention at the beginning of this one. She was working the crowd with just a simple look. I loved seeing Patrick and Katia dance the tango together. There was so much goodness on the ice I didn't know where to look!

Gracie Gold - "Shake It Off": This is my favorite exhibition of Gracie's because she hits every beat perfectly and really seems to love every minute of the performance.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White - "Say Something":  So much emotion and intensity in this program. Sharna Burgess did an amazing job choreographing it, and Meryl and Charlie sold it all the way through.

Ashley Wagner - "One Last Night": I hadn't seen this exhibition before, and it's now my favorite of Ashley's. The song was fabulous, and she had a wonderful connection to it. I especially love watching Ashley's arms because they are so graceful and in tune with the music.

Ryan Bradley - "Mister Cellophane": I enjoyed this program of Ryan's more than his first as he was committed to the character throughout and really played to the audience.

Katia Gordeeva - "Sentimientos": A sultry contrast to her first lyrical number. She still knows how to work the crowd!

Evan Lysacek - "Black Swan": The footwork in this program was amaazzing. He would've brought the house down with this as a competitive program.

Joannie Rochette - "La Vie en Rose": Very pretty program with a totally different style from her first number. Joannie's jumps looked awesome!

Patrick Chan - "Steppin' Out": More fancy footwork from Patrick. He's such a wonderful dancer. I hope he stays pro because he looks so happy just to be out there having fun on the ice.

Group Number - "Stompa": I'd never heard this song, but I need to download it NOW. Loved the use of the chairs (SOI does have a thing for chairs as props!) It was a sexy program with a lot of sass. The guys all looked great in their black hats.

Sinead and John Kerr - "I Will Wait": They poured their souls into this program and had some very crowd-pleasing lifts, including a couple of reverse ones that got huge applause.

Kimmie Meissner - "Experience": The music was new to me, and it was gorgeous. Again Kimmie put her all into the performance and expressed the music with heartfelt emotion.

Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto - "A Thousand Years": Tanith was glowing as she skated in a beautiful white dress. Thoughts of her upcoming wedding on her mind, perhaps? She and Ben have such a wonderful connection with each other when they skate.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White - "Sleeping Beauty": Such sweeping elegance in this program. I especially loved the part in the beginning when Charlie was spinning around and looking very regal as he approached a sleeping Meryl.

Finale - "Shut Up and Dance": Another awesome song! So much energy in this number and a fantastic and joyous way to close the show.

Here are all my photos from the show: SOI PHOTOS

After the show I went to the Meet and Greet and got to talk to everyone except Ryan (he snuck out before we could catch him). I was so excited to see Marissa Castelli there since she's one of my favorite skaters. She was in town for a visit with Ashley. Here are my photos from the Meet and Greet: M&G PHOTOS

Overall it was such an awesome day! I hope the 30th anniversary show next year will visit more cities and I can fit it into my schedule around Worlds in Boston!


  1. I went to see the show in San Jose last weekend and it was amazing! I absolutely loved it =)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too! It was one of the best shows I've seen :)

  2. How was the crowd? Were there visible empty seats? The show only played 11 to 12 cities this year! From what you've seen, I wonder why fans are not stampeding to the shows! We need the audience.

    1. The crowd was decent, but there were some blocks of empty seats. I'm crossing fingers they will do a much bigger tour for the 30th anniversary next year! I think it would help if they lowered ticket prices, too.