Monday, November 28, 2011


Just wanted to give a quick update on my book and share another excerpt. LIFE ON THE EDGE is still scheduled to be released in January. I'm hoping to receive the cover art shortly and will post it as soon as it's finalized! In the meantime, here's a little teaser, set during the 2001 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Boston.

I shivered and stared out the bus window at the brownstones on Beacon Street, trying to channel my thoughts on the clean run-through we'd done at practice that morning. Every time I envisioned myself completing an element, the police sirens would wail and spike my adrenaline further. 

The bus rolled up to the arena, and I shot to my feet before we even parked. 

Trevor laughed. "Ready to go, Em?"

Was I ready? I was physically prepared, for certain. But was I mentally ready to live up to everyone's expectations? To my own?

Those questions plagued me for the next hour. Hovering around Chris and me backstage, Sergei reminded us, "Trust your training. Trust your body." But the nagging thoughts wouldn't leave me alone. Before I put on my skates, I jogged up and down the hallway, clearing my head of the buzz that had followed us all week.

America's next great pair. Best technical skills in the world. A team that can finally challenge the Russians. All statements I'd heard during our interviews and from the fans. If I mucked up the short program, I'd go back to being known as the girl who choked under pressure.

Chris and I took the ice for our introduction, and the massiveness of the arena struck me. We'd practiced there earlier in the week, but full to capacity with screaming spectators, the building suddenly appeared ten times bigger. The Celtics and Bruins banners hanging from the rafters seemed miles away.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing. In. Out. In. Out.

Dear God, please help me through this.

Here's a link to Teaser #1, which I posted last month. Let me know if you have any thoughts on these snippets!


  1. This is better than the version I read. The internal thoughts and questions and the bothersome police sirens added to the tension. It's going to be a great book.

  2. Thanks, Clare! Couldn't have revised it without all my CC friends' help :)