Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bonjour from Grand Prix Final!

After two delayed flights and some bumpy weather, I have settled into my cozy hotel room and am ready for some skating action tomorrow!

Saw some familiar faces on my flight from Newark, New Jersey to Quebec City, including Patrick Chan's coach, Christy Krall. I couldn't believe how quiet the Quebec airport was and how quickly we went through customs. After standing in line for thirty minutes in Vancouver and Montreal, waiting less than five minutes here was a treat. And the taxi was the nicest I've ever seen. It was like a town car with leather seats. Saw lots of beautiful Christmas lights and decorations on the ride from the airport to the hotel.

Speaking of the hotel, the Chateau Frontenac is gorgeous, but dining here requires very deep pockets. The breakfast buffet is almost $30! And the dinner menu in the signature restaurant doesn't have any items less than $40. Yikes. The bar menu is more reasonable but still on the pricey side. Will be looking elsewhere for food....

Tomorrow I will be attending the Senior Dance and Senior Men's practices in the afternoon and then a couple of Junior events in the evening. Look for photos to follow!


  1. Don't bother with Le Champlain. I thought it was average for that kind of price.
    Can you give some feedback on Vanessa Lam?
    Thanks a bunch.

  2. Hi I will be at the practice too ! :)
    there is other restaurent around cheeper

  3. I don't think I'll be seeing any of the Junior Ladies practices or competition. The schedule is so packed!

  4. Can you make a note of how fast the junior ladies are compare to each others? And their PCS from a live audience, how are they stacking up?