Friday, December 9, 2011

GPF Friday Dance Practice

Got to see everyone getting their shimmy on at early morning dance practice. Saw a few different costume looks from what the skaters have been wearing in competition this season - Tessa Virtue sported a pink dress with fringe. I like this dress much better than the blue one she's worn at the other GP events. Maia Shibutani added some splashes of pink to her black dress, making it pop a lot more. Ekaterina Bobrova wore a black and silver dress as opposed to the black and orange she's worn previously. Not sure if hers or Tessa's dresses were just practice ones.

Funny moment toward the end of practice - Scott Moir tripped and tumbled onto the ice but he got up and took a bow, spurring laughter and applause. Everyone looked solid, and the top two couples looked very relaxed and confident.

Photos from the action on the ice:

2011 Grand Prix Final Friday Dance Practice

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