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Romancing the Hop Giveaway

What is your favorite thing about romance? Well, we authors are ready to share our romantic tips, favorite romance reads, and more! Starting Friday, August 31st and ending Monday, September 3rd, over 200 authors and bloggers are sharing their favorite things about romance, reading romance, and dating.

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Whew! Okay, now that all the administrative stuff is out of the way, let's get to the romance! EDGE OF THE PAST, the sequel to my debut novel LIFE ON THE EDGE, will be out this winter, and the story will pick up one year after we left Emily and Sergei in LIFE ON THE EDGE.

I'm sharing a little romantic scene here - a glimpse at what Emily and Sergei were up to between books. Emily and her skating partner Chris are about to go on the summer Ice Champions tour, while Sergei has to stay behind to coach his other students.


The townhouse was quiet when Sergei and I returned from dinner. Only a trace of light came from the living room, where one lamp remained on.

"Aubrey must already be asleep," I said, kicking off my heels and beckoning Sergei toward the couch. He wrapped me in an embrace as I curled up against him.

"Twelve days until I see you at the show in Providence," I said.

Sergei softly kissed the top of my head. "I've got my special calendar all ready to mark off the days."

I smiled, thinking of the big wall calendar I'd made for him. It showed the city where I’d be every day, and it had all my off days highlighted in bold colors. I'd made one for Marley, too, so she could track Chris's schedule.

"After Providence we'll have three weeks until I'm back here for a break." I turned my mouth downward.

Sergei huddled me closer to him. "I'm going to miss seeing you skate every day.”

I lifted my head from Sergei’s shoulder and looked into his eyes. "That's really sweet."

"I know between giving instructions and critiquing details it might seem like I don't have time to enjoy what you're doing, but I do. I love watching the way you move across the ice."

Sergei traced a feathery line down my arm, and I shivered from the soft heat in his touch. I curled my fingers into his hair and drew his mouth toward mine. As his lips moved from my mouth down my neck, the sound of feet on the creaking stairs snapped me out of my moment of bliss. I leaned away from Sergei just as Aubrey reached the living room. She was in her pajamas and carrying her laptop.

"Don't mind me. I'm headed to the kitchen," she said, making the turn to the next set of steps.

Sergei promptly resumed his tender exploration of my collarbone, sending fiery impulses to every part of my body. Grasping my face in his hands, he locked his deep blue eyes on mine. "When you're gone, I want to remember exactly what you feel like."

I pressed my lips together, trying not to smile. "I have a little confession to make."

"What's that?"

"When I was at your apartment last week, I stole one of your T-shirts to bring with me on the road.” I couldn't hide my grin any longer. “So I can sleep with it."

He laughed. "You could've just asked me for it."

"I thought it might sound weird."

"It's not weird. I like the idea of you sleeping with my shirt. I like the idea of you sleeping in my shirt even better." His gaze and his voice lowered, and my cheeks flushed with warmth.

"You don't have anything of mine,” I said. “I guess you'll just have to memorize me.”

Sergei gently slid my amber bracelet aside and touched his lips to my wrist, placing identical kisses all along my forearm. I moved onto his lap and buried my face in his collar.

"I hate goodbyes," I mumbled.

Sergei rubbed comforting circles on my back. "Twelve days will be up before you know it."


For more on LIFE ON THE EDGE, visit my page here!

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