Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 Worlds - Men SP & Dance Practice

What a bizarre men's event! Can't say I ever thought Denis Ten would be in second place after the short program. He skated divinely tonight! I was thinking back to 2009 Worlds in L.A. and how that was when we first saw Denis burst onto the scene. I remember giving him a standing ovation after his free skate.

I thought Daisuke Takahashi was a tad undermarked (his quad looked fine to my naked eye). Kevin Reynolds impressed me - I hadn't seen him skate live in awhile and he's definitely come a long way. He interpreted his music excellently. Brian Joubert was classic Joubert and I loved every minute of it! People can rag on him all they want, but until you see him skate live and how much energy he brings to the building, you can't appreciate his presence on the ice.

I saw one group of dance practice tonight with the U.S. teams and I took a couple of videos. Here's Meryl Davis/Charlie White's short dance run-through. And Madison Chock/Evan Bates' short dance run-through.

And here are my photos from practice and the men's short program.

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