Sunday, March 10, 2013

Music Monday

For this week's Music Monday I'm doing something a little different. In LIFE ON THE EDGE, there are a couple of instances where Sting's Lyrics book plays a role, but because of copyright issues, I couldn't quote the lyrics in the story. So, I thought I'd share those lyrics here so you'd know exactly what Emily was reading as she went through the book :) If you haven't read LIFE ON THE EDGE and don't want to be spoiled, stop reading here!! Major spoilers below!


At the 2001 World Championships, when Chris is flipping through the Lyrics book and comes across one of Sergei's notes to Emily, this was the passage that Sergei had highlighted in the song "Desert Rose":

Sweet desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

Beside the lyrics was Sergei's note: "You are my desert rose."

Later that night when Emily is reading the book in bed, the first song she reads is "Next To You" and the highlighted lyrics are:

But I've never felt like this before
But I just don't know what's come over me
You took me over, take a look at me
What can I do
All I want is to be next to you

And the note from Sergei says: "I had to laugh when I started to read the book and this was the first song because all I'd been thinking about for months was how I wanted to be next to you. And here it was reminding me again."


When Emily is angry with Sergei for lying to her and he leaves the book and a rose on her doorstep, the song he marked was "Forget About the Future" and the lyrics are:

Let me ask your forgiveness, baby
My heart is ever full of sorrow
We got to move into the future maybe
And think about a new tomorrow

Emily had amazing willpower to resist this and Sergei's kisses!


In the proposal scene, when Emily finds the book on the patio, the marked song is "When We Dance" and the two highlighted lines that make her gasp are:

I would love you more than life
If you'll come and be my wife

I would've been freaking out too if I was her :)


Lots of skating coverage coming up on the blog this week! I leave for the World Championships in London, Ontario on Tuesday!! Look for photos from all events!

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