Sunday, September 14, 2014

U.S. International Classic Day Three

I'm a bit late with posting my Day Three recap, but it turned out to be a late night with friends last night! I saw the full range of skating yesterday from Novice Dance to Junior Pairs and Junior Dance to Senior Dance and Ladies. The Novice and Junior dancers were so fun to watch! I remember a few years ago discovering Chloe Lewis and Logan Bye at this competition when I watched Novice Dance. It's fun to follow the young skaters' careers from this point.

In the ladies' event, I thought Mirai's program was lovely, but I felt it was a little simple in the in-between moments. I really enjoyed Polina's soft and lyrical program. I just hope since the music is so soft that it has enough of an impact on the judges.

At the free dance, I most enjoyed Cannuscio/McManus' Danse Macabre program and Orford/Williams' Titanic program. Stasia and Colin did a great job with the ghoulish makeup, and they really sustained the passion and energy throughout the program. Nicole and Thomas told a cohesive story in their Titanic free dance. I loved the changes in mood and the interesting transitions. This was my first time seeing ice dance choreography by Mark Pillay, and I came away impressed.

Here are the rest of my photos from Saturday: PHOTOS

I'll have one more update to post my Sunday event photos. It's been such a fun weekend as always here in Salt Lake City!

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  1. I really enjoyed Polina's tender and lyrical program. I just hope because the music is so gentle that it has sufficient of an impact on the judges.