Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Skate America Friday Events

Just a couple of thoughts from the events on Friday:

- Mariah was the highlight for me. Haven't looked at the protocols, but I'm assuming there were some underrotations in there to explain the score.
- Mao's program was very sophisticated, but I prefer when she uses softer and lighter music to match her ethereal style.
- Mai was adorable.
- Loved Gabrielle's music (shout-out to the Kween, Michelle Kwan!)
- The pairs scoring was suspect. How did A/R score higher than Marissa and Mervin and Valentina/Ondrej? I thought their program and skating were sloppy all around.
- SO HAPPY for Haven and Brandon. Love their step sequence and the fact that they skate very close together through a lot of it. Haven looks positively radiant over being back in competition.
- Marissa and Mervin looked fierce and were really selling the program until the lift mishap. Their footwork was also a highlight for me.
- Tarasova/Morozov have great skills, but I wish they had more excitement to their skating.

You can view all the photos from Friday's dance practice, the ladies' short, and the pairs' short here!

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