Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Skate America-Saturday & Sunday Events

Saturday and Sunday were packed with activity, so I didn't have time then to catch my breath and gather my thoughts. Just a few musings from the events:

- Shoma Uno proves that a skater who is small in stature can command an entire arena and skate with the power of someone twice his size. He has such strength in his posture. It gives him a regal presence on the ice.
- Mariah Bell put her name solidly in the conversation for the upper echelon of the ladies' podium at nationals.
- Someone please rescue Gracie.
- I think a less bedazzled costume would be more fitting for Ashley's Muse long program. I thought her dress was more suited for a flashy piece of music.
- You will never convince me that Jason didn't land the quad.
- Who wins the award for looking happiest after a coaching change? Mariah or Nam?
- Haven's facial expression while skating is so calm and lovely - one of the most natural out there. I've missed her bright energy this past year. She and Brandon have such a wonderful connection, too.
- Marissa and Mervin landed the throw Lutz!
- After seeing more hip hop short dances, Min/Gamelin's K-Pop/hip hop section was my favorite of the event.
- Chris Reed looks like a totally different skater with his new partner Kana Muramoto. He's really come alive with personality, and Kana is a star.

Here are the rest of the photos from Saturday and Sunday!

A closing note - I'm really bummed that I'll probably have to miss next year's Skate America after attending the event the last eleven years. Putting the event in Lake Placid during Thanksgiving is a decision that makes no sense to me. The town is over two hours from the nearest airport, so fans are forced to drive a long way in potentially hazardous weather in late November. Also, airlines jack up their prices during Thanksgiving, so airfare will be ridiculous. Not to mention that many people will not want to travel away from family during the holiday. Why would the ISU assign the United States' only GP event to a holiday weekend only celebrated in the U.S.? Did USFS volunteer for these dates? Someone please explain the rationale behind this.

See you soon from Skate Canada in Mississauga, Ontario!!!!

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  1. So beautiful! I love ice skating events but haven't been to any in a long time. They really don't exist in Florida.