Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 NHK Trophy FD Thoughts

More late night skating - wheeee!!!! We've had some between event entertainment of Domo and friends on skates and now we're ready for the free dance!

Xiaoyang Yu/Chen Wang - They shall always be remembered for their Cats free dance. Nothing from them has been quite as memorable since. The lifts all take a lot of time to develop. But the costumes are an improvement over past years!

Xingtong Huang/Xun Zheng - Buble'! And it's the "untied tie" look again that I harped on last week. Aww, the crowd is clapping along. Xun has a nice position in the camel spin. Boot slide! Have they been hanging out in Novi? They're stuck in the mud, as my friend Nordyica used to say, but it's a really cute program!

Penny Coomes/Nicholas Buckland - Twizzles out of sync. Very cool upside down lift. The program felt classical and now it's got a Broadway feel. Another neat upside down-position lift. They're rather adorable.

Cathy Reed/Chris Reed - A Mad Men program maybe? Oh, it's Kim and Brent's Beatles music! Interesting entry into their first lift with her putting her leg over his back. Chris's tie is tied - props to him! Wait, their last lift very closely resembles one of Kim and Brent's lifts. Hmm.... Quick side note and a look ahead to U.S. Nationals - Kristen Nardozzi and Nick Traxler will be doing a mash-up of Kim and Brent's Beatles FD and Meryl and Charlie's Eleanor Rigby.

Nicole Orford/Thomas Williams - Hello, bright green dress. They have good carriage and speed across the ice. Nicole's legs look long, but she gets in and out of the lifts more smoothly than some other leggy girls.

Elena Ilinykh/Nikita Katsalapov - The train wreck of a program that just keeps on giving! From Elena's sad sack dress to the awful voice overs to the gunshots.... I don't know how I'm going to sit in the stands at Worlds and not crack up. If this is what sleeping with the boss gets you, I'd rethink that strategy. But the judges are rewarding the crap for whatever ridiculous reason....

Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani - Great twizzles. Need to tighten up some of the holds in the circular footwork. Very crisp movements and a lot more spark than Rostelecom Cup, understandably. Glad they've gone with a more lyrical program this year.

Meryl Davis/Charlie White - Couldn't type notes while they were skating because I was too captivated by the amazingness of this program. The emotion from them was bursting through my television. Soooo freaking good! I love all the little changes they've made. Everything was right on every beat of the music, perfectly timed and soaring. Gorgeous times one hundred!

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