Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Are you ready for a new love story on the ice? I'm working on an EDGE series spin-off novel that follows Courtney's journey as she and her partner Mark try to make the 2010 Olympic team. Working title is CROSSING THE ICE :) Here's a little bit more about it!

Courtney and Mark haven't enjoyed the same success Emily and Chris had. They have only one shot left to make the Olympic team, and they vow not to let anything get in their way. Enter Stephanie and Josh, talented siblings with the same dream. Courtney knows she should keep her distance from the rival team, but as she gets to know handsome, quiet Josh, she becomes more and more intrigued. Will their blossoming friendship grow into more or will the competition tear them apart?

I posted a brief teaser last month, and here's a longer look at the story!


Josh followed me through the wood-paneled dining room to the French doors leading outside. The marsh grass surrounding the deck swished in the breeze, and the late afternoon sun reflected off Nantucket Sound. It would’ve been beautifully serene if not for the ridiculous anxiety that had begun to churn in my stomach.
“So… the tango,” Josh said. “It’s a bit different from the usual ballroom hold. Have you done any ballroom dancing?”
I shook my head. Slow dancing at my prom was the extent of my partner dancing, and that had been more swaying while standing still than anything.
“Good. Then you won’t know the difference.” He smiled. “If you’ve watched videos, you’ve seen the tango has a close hold.”
He took a tentative step toward me but kept his arms at his sides. “But I’m not sure how close Emily and Sergei want you and Mark to be.”
I got a stronger whiff of his cologne, which smelled expensive. And sweet. Like him. Oh, dear God.
“Umm… we need to be pretty close in some parts of the program,” I said.
He shifted nearer, sliding his hand around to my lower back, and the heat from his touch radiated through my cotton shirt, my skin, and into the deepest cells of my body. I didn’t dare look up because there would be only a narrow space between our faces. Between our mouths…