Friday, February 14, 2014

Olympic Extravaganza Giveaway #3

Today is the men's free skate in Sochi, so that means prize #3 of the Olympic Extravaganza will be given away! Today's prize is another awesome Winter Olympics-themed read, and this time it's an entire series! I'm giving away an ebook set of Alina Adams' Figure Skating Mysteries, which includes five books. I've read all of these and loved every single page of them. Here's a little more about the set:


At the World Figure Skating Championship, the Ladies' Gold medal goes to Russia's dour Xenia Trubin over America's perky Erin Simpson thanks to the vote of one judge. Who then promptly turns up dead. 

Who killed Silvana Potenza? A skater? A coach? A fan? An official? A parent? 

It's up to Bex Levy, intrepid television researcher, to figure everything out before the end of the competition, or lose her job - and maybe even her life... 


Bex Levy’s search for a pair of athletes who mysteriously dropped out of the sport years earlier leads to a host of shocking secrets, a kidnapping – and a murder! 


Bex Levy races to discover who killed an ice skating coach during a competition in Moscow. Igor Marchenko defected from the USSR to the States in 1977 and this is the first time he's been able to return home. But he soon turns up dead, poisoned by a pair of gloves. And once Bex does the rounds, she finds that plenty of people had plenty of reasons to bump him off. 


Bex Levy investigates the mystery behind an infant left in the arena at the Nationals, and why the baby's mother, an ice dancer who mysteriously took off a year ago, is hanging dead from a sequined belt. But leery from events in the past, Bex is hesitant to follow the clues that will uncover personal secrets... and a killer who'll do anything to keep them from coming out. 


When a world-famous coach is murdered on the eve of his televised tribute, the suspects include the former partner he dumped as soon as something better came along, the much younger new wife that he turned into a clone of his old one, his resentful daughter who always had to battle Daddy's students for his attention, the skater whose life he nearly destroyed, and the one he guided to Olympic Gold. 

Learn more about Alina on her website and follow her on Twitter!

The winner of the ebook set is Madeline Klepec. Congratulations, Madeline! There are two more prizes two be given away next week, so keep entering in the Rafflecopter below!

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