Friday, February 7, 2014

Romance Is In the Air Blog Hop

Welcome to the Romance Is In the Air Blog Hop! I'd love to share with you a romantic excerpt from Fighting for the Edge, the third and final book in my EDGE series. 

“Bust a Move” had just begun playing, and Chris danced along to the hip-hop rhythm as he closed the space between Aubrey and himself. He set his hands lightly on her hips, and she felt the tingle again. It had been over a month since she’d gone a date, so she was probably just excited to have the attention. Or maybe it was the wine making her giddy.

Their bodies moved together in time to the music, drifting closer and generating more heat with each beat. Aubrey wrapped her fingers around Chris’s biceps, and he tensed, his fingertips putting more pressure on her hips. She clutched him harder and fought the urge to roam her hands over all his other taut muscles.

In her stiletto heels she wasn’t much shorter than Chris, so she had a prime view of his smile, which never left his face. She couldn’t stop smiling either. She hadn’t felt this kind of energy in a long time. Or possibly ever.

Chris leaned toward her ear. “Do I pass?”

His warm breath puffed against her cheek, causing her to shiver. Oh, yeah. With flying colors. He pulled back to face her, and she looked up at his big grin. Get a grip. It’s just silly, nice-guy Chris. This is only a game.


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