Friday, March 9, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample - 3/10/12

For this week's Sweet Saturday, I've posted another deleted scene from my current release LIFE ON THE EDGE. Emily and Sergei are headed from Cape Cod to Em's parents' house in Brookline for Christmas, and they're giving their rink manager Alex a ride to Logan Airport in Boston.

"Wow, it's going to be a blizzard soon," I said as the snow swirled heavier around Sergei's SUV.
"Ugh, don't tell me that, Ma.” Alex's voice carried forward from the back seat while he spoke on the phone. “Yeah, I'll call the airline again." He hung up and sighed. "My mom said they're getting pounded in Jersey, and they're talking about closing the airport."
"Oh, no!"
"I should've stayed on the Cape. I might be going all the way to Logan for nothing."
"Don't give up hope yet. There could be a Christmas miracle," I said.
"Maybe Santa and his reindeer can pick me up on their way down from the North Pole. They have to pass Boston on the way to Jersey."
I laughed. "That's the spirit.”
Alex called the airline to check on his flight's status while Sergei continued to drive us carefully through the snow storm. After Alex recited his information to the computer on the other end of the line, he snapped his phone shut in disgust. "Cancelled."
"Do you think there's any chance of getting another flight?" I asked.
"On Christmas Eve in this weather? I think I’d actually have a better shot at hitching a ride on Santa's sleigh," he said. "I guess I'll just hang out at Logan in case something does open up."
"What if nothing does, though? You can't spend Christmas in the airport.”
"I'll call someone to pick me up."
"From the Cape?” Sergei arched his eyebrows. “I don't think anyone's going to get on these roads.”
"Just come to my house with us.” I swiveled my neck to face Alex. “There's plenty of room.”
"I can't bust in on your family's Christmas," he said.
"Nonsense. This is the season for sharing, remember? We'd love to have you."
"You're speaking for yourself, not your parents. They might not want a stranger staying at their house."
"You're not a stranger. You're a friend, and my friends are always welcome. And there will be enough food at my aunt's to feed a small army, so one more guest isn't going to put anyone out."
"It'll actually be good if you're there so I won't stand out as the only person Em's bringing," Sergei chimed in.
"I thought your family knew about the two of you?" Alex asked me.
"Only some of them do. Sergei's coming as my 'poor lonely coach who doesn't have anywhere else to go on Christmas.'"
Sergei threw me a quick look. "Excuse me, I had two other invitations I turned down."
"Well, they can't know that. Just try to sound pitiful." I smiled and rubbed his shoulder.
"I could pretend I'm Sergei's boyfriend. That would really throw them off the trail." Alex flashed a broad grin.
I burst into laughter and glanced at Sergei, who didn't look amused. “Oh, I would pay to see that," I said between laughs.
"Let’s stick with the current plan," Sergei said dryly.
"Just trying to earn my keep," Alex said, still grinning.
I pulled out my phone. "I'm gonna call my mom and let her know you're coming so she can get the other guest room ready.”
"I don't want her going to any trouble," Alex insisted.
"It's no trouble. Just a warning, though . . . she will ask you a million questions because she's nosy like that."
"I can handle her. We've had a good little rapport when we've talked at the rink."
"What about church?" Sergei reminded me.
"Oh, yeah." I put on a big smile as I turned to Alex. "Can you handle a Catholic mass, too?"
He let out a high-pitched laugh. "You want the whole church to go up in flames? That’s what'll happen if I step inside it."
"No, it won't.”
"Will they sing 'Silent Night'? I do love me some 'Silent Night.'"
I laughed. "Probably."
"I guess I can do it then. But you'd better tell me when I have to stand up and kneel down and all that jazz.”
"Don't worry, I'll be giving Sergei signals, too. It'll be his first time at mass."
Sergei suddenly slammed on the brakes as the car in front of us stopped short at the traffic light. I jerked forward and then back in my seat, knocking my head against the headrest. Alex yelped behind me. 
Sergei cursed under his breath and reached out for my arm. "You okay?" He followed with a look toward the backseat.

I winced and rubbed the back of my head. "Yeah. Might have a headache later."
“Maybe saying a few prayers isn't such a bad idea," Alex said.

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  1. You have such a fantastic sense of humor! Another great visit with these characters - I always enjoy them so much!

  2. Snow? I've forgotten what it looks like since we had NONE this winter. Thanks for reminding me. Loved this!

  3. Nice characters, enjoyable excerpt.

  4. Love the excerpt and the snowy humor

  5. Really like the tone of this sample! Sounds like a fun read!

  6. Sounds like Alex is in on the secret. Nice rapport between the characters!

  7. Nice excerpt. I guess it made the book too long?

    1. After the second draft, I changed the course of events surrounding Christmas, so this scene wasn't applicable anymore :(