Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample - 3/24/12

For this week's Sweet Saturday, I've posted another deleted scene from my current release LIFE ON THE EDGE. This scene picks up right after this one I posted two weeks ago. Emily and Sergei (who can't go public with their relationship) are spending Christmas with Em's parents in Brookline. Their friend Alex's flight to New Jersey was cancelled because of a snow storm, so Em invited him to stay at her parents' house.

We reached my parents' house without further incident, and Mom welcomed Alex with a warm hug. Without much time before five o'clock mass, I showed Alex his room and Dad loaned him a jacket and tie since Alex hadn't packed any dress clothes for his trip home. 

The snow thankfully let up some for our drive to St. Leonard's in the North End. A few dedicated parishioners were outside shoveling ice from the sidewalk and the church steps. We entered the vestibule, and Mom stopped to light two candles.
Alex whispered, "Is she praying for my soul?"

"No," I said quietly while trying not to laugh. "She always lights candles for my grandparents."

We moved toward the font of holy water, and after I blessed myself, Alex said, "I probably shouldn't take any. It might burn my skin."

"Stop it.” I pinched his arm as I stifled another giggle. "If you make me laugh during mass, I'm going to smack you."

Dad led us to an empty pew two rows behind Aunt Debbie’s family. We filed in and gave them quick waves. Across the aisle sat Aunt Gayle and her family. I groaned to myself, thinking of how I’d have to talk to Katie later at dinner. I hadn’t had the pleasure since our oh-so-fun conversation at the Fourth of July barbecue.

As usual, the church was three times more crowded than it was for regular Sunday mass. We had to squeeze closer together when more people joined our pew, but I didn’t mind. I watched Sergei’s profile as my hand brushed against his thigh. He kept his gaze on the altar, but his lips curved into a tiny smile.
I turned and looked around at the decorations adorning the old church. They hadn’t changed in the twenty years I’d been attending mass there, but the large nativity scene beside the altar still looked brand new and the vibrant poinsettias freshened all the other trimmings.
Sergei angled his head toward mine. “It’s really beautiful in here.”
I smiled up at him. “I’m so happy you’re here with me.”
He lightly rubbed my foot with his, and I opened my missalette to bring my focus where it should be. Not an easy task considering Sergei and I were shoulder-to-shoulder and he looked absolutely gorgeous in his tailored gray suit.
Sergei and Alex followed along with everything I did during mass, and aside from singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" at an incredibly loud decibel, Alex didn't do anything to embarrass himself. When the time came for Communion, Alex leaned across Sergei and whispered, "I want some wine."

"You can't have it,” I said. “You're not Catholic."

"Well, that's not very Christian," he huffed.

I hushed him and stood along with my parents. My cousin Aaron, Aunt Gayle's oldest child, grinned at me as we stepped into the aisle at the same time. Katie was behind him, so I quickly averted my attention to avoid eye contact with her.

After the final blessing and the recessional hymn, we joined the throngs of people trying to exit all at once. As we slowly made our way up the aisle, Alex asked, "So, which one's the bitchy cousin?"

I bumped his elbow. "We're still in church!"

He put his hand to his mouth and laughed. "Oh, sorry." 

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  1. This reads so true to life I can almost see it.

  2. Alex sounds like such a hoot. Those funny, clever characters are the most fun to write, don't you think?

  3. What a fun and very REAL scene. I enjoyed this!

  4. Looks like Alex nailed it about Katie

  5. After reading this scene, I could almost "feel" being inside the church and sitting in the pew. Well done!

  6. Great scene. I have to wonder how Alex has feelings for Emily too!

    1. It's not mentioned in this scene, but Alex is gay ;-)

  7. Jennifer, you've crafted this scene so well. I felt like I was there at St. Leonard's, looking around at the decorations and taking part in the service. Alex and Emily are such a great pair. They play well off each other.