Monday, December 28, 2015

Dancing With the Stars Tour

I haven't blogged in awhile, but I wanted to share a quick review and my photos from the Dancing With the Stars "Dance All Night" tour. It was an awesome show! I've been to the So You Think You Can Dance tour and Move Live, but this was my first DWTS Tour show. I think the overall dancing was a little better at Move Live, but this was still a fantastic two hours of entertainment.

The show started with a high-energy group number to Icona Pop's "Emergency" and then Val got on the mike and welcomed us. This was the first of many times the dancers spoke to the crowd. I think they could cut back a little on those filler speeches (some of the dancers obviously weren't as comfortable with the mic). Alek danced with the girls next, and after he and Lindsay spoke to the crowd the stage transitioned to the Great Gatsby section. This was one of my favorite parts, especially Peta and Val's dance to "Young and Beautiful."

Jenna, Alan, and Keo did a fun trio to "Exes and Ohs"that I really enjoyed and then came one of the highlights of the night, the guys' "Pony" number. The temperature in the building shot way up as the guys did their best Magic Mike impersonation. It was smokin' hot!

The fun continued with another segment where audience members were chosen to go up on stage to dance with the cast. There was an older lady named Tootsie who provided lots of laughs as she loved all over Artem and Val and gave us some hilarious one-liners. Once the dance contest was over, the cast took us around the world with dances such as "Santa Maria" (Lindsay and Artem) and "Espana Cani" (Emma and Val).

I can't remember the exact order of the numbers, but Brittany and Alan did a beautiful contemporary piece to "Jealous" by Labrinth that I loved. It's so fun to see so many dancers from So You Think You Can Dance on this tour!

After intermission, Emma and Julz did a gorgeous waltz to "Beethoven's 5 Secrets" by the Piano Guys. Another waltz that had me very excited because I LOVE the song was Lindsay and Artem's dance to "Kissing You" from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (there was so much good music in this show!). 

The whole cinema section was awesome with dances to The Godfather score (Sharna and Alan), Kill Bill (Peta and the guys), and Jailhouse Rock (Alek, Lindsay, and the guys). Alek also got to dance his rumba with Emma, which made me very happy because I'm obsessed with the song "Let It Go" by James Bay. Another gorgeous contemporary number was "Wicked Game" with Jenna, Lindsay, Alan, and Val. The final duet of the night was Lindsay and Alek's lovely dance to "America the Beautiful." I thought this was Alek's best dance of the night.

Overall thoughts - Peta really stood out for me among the ladies. She absolutely shines when she dances and her smile is radiant. My eye went to Val and Artem a lot when all the guys were on stage, and I also loved seeing Alan from SYTYCD. The digital backgrounds they used for the sets were really cool and more impressive than Move Live's stage setup. I highly recommend the show if you love dancing and great music!!

Here are all my photos from the show! => DWTS Tour Photos