About Me

I started writing stories when I was seven years old and dreamed of one day seeing my name in print. Dreams of being a writer were overruled by practicality, however, and I decided to go the business school route, earning a master's degree in accounting from Tulane University. While at Tulane, I kept my creative muscles loose by writing for the school newspaper, The Hullabaloo. Seeing my name in a byline was great, but I still dreamed of writing a novel and having it published.

Writing was put on hold while I became a Certified Public Accountant and worked as a corporate tax manager. Not until a few years ago did I pick up my writer's pen again, thanks to encouragement from a friend.

Even though I've lived in south Louisiana all my life and have only stepped on an ice rink once, I am a passionate fan of figure skating and follow the sport closely. This passion spurred the idea for a story, a romance between a skater and coach, and after years of toying with the idea in my mind, I finally put the story down on paper. It started as a fun project to share with friends, but then I realized I wanted to share the book with a wider audience. I buckled down and learned how to be a better writer, and through many hours of writing and rewriting, the story came alive. LIFE ON THE EDGE became my first completed novel!

When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy traveling, especially to figure skating events, and photographing all my adventures. Attending competitions has allowed me to visit some wonderful places and meet some wonderful people. I couldn't have written any of my books without these experiences!